YOURLS Page – Popular Links

As requested by this comment I have published the code for the Popular Links plugin to appear on the public side.


Copy this code and save it as popularlinks.php

Upload it to the /pages directory of your YOURLS installation.

It will appear on your site as YOURLS-SITE/popularlinks

As with the plugin, you can customize it by editing the values

> show_top(1000,5);

1000 means the number of days you are selecting from the database

5 means the number of links you are selecting.

YOURLS Plugin – Popular Links (1.7+)

UPDATE: This plugin can be public by making it a page


The YOURLS plugin, originally posted here, I have updated to be compatible for YOURLS 1.7.

The plugin shows and admin page of the most popular links created in 1,30,365, and 1000 days on a YOURLS site

Download here, save as plugin.php and upload to YOURLS_DIRECTORY/user/plugins/popular-links

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to remove/overwrite the old version of Popular Links if you have it on your server.


At the bottom of the plugin, you can edit the values

> show_top(1000,5);

1000 means the number of days you are selecting from the database

5 means the number of links you are selecting.


LogMeIn Alternatives

After LogMeIn screwed over their free customers, and even paid customers who bought their apps, I have put together a list of alternatives.


[Free for personal use, Pro for business] Probably the best out there. They have apps for Windows/Mac/Linux, and iOS/Google Play.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Requires Google Chrome. Windows/Mac/Linux, Mobile apps in the works.

RealVNC VNC Viewer

[Free and Paid versions] Windows/Mac/Linux, iOS/Google Play ($9.99 but sometimes free)

TightVNC [Free for Personal or Business use] Open source! Windows/Unix platforms

GoToMyPC by Citrix [Paid, Free Trial] Windows,Mac,iPad & iPhone,Android,Kindle Fire

Mikogo [Free for Private Use]

iTeleport [Paid] Windows, Mac, iOS, Google Play (coming soon)

Fuzebox Free and Paid (See plans)

NoIp Remote Desktop



Must have Chrome Extensions

I highlighted the extensions I use

  • Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™ – Ad-free browsing! Even YouTube video ads stop. My favorite

  • Imgur Uploader – Upload images & .gifs to imgur with two clicks of the mouse.

  • Reddit Enhancement Suite – A ridiculous amount of options for reddit

  • Craigslist Notification – A really useful extension for craigslist. You can save specific searches and every time there is a posting that matches any of your saved searches it will alert you.

  • Google Dictionary – Double-click words to have Google Dictionary define them for you

  • Hover Zoom – Display a full size image when you hover over a thumbnail

  • Ghostery – Protect your privacy, see who’s tracking your web browsing

  • Speed Dial 2 – Speed dial 2 is fast and clean extension for your favorite pages and quick access to your apps, bookmarks and browsing history.

  • Checker Plus for Gmail – A must have if you use Gmail

  • Hola – Great for non-U.S. residents. Access websites blocked or censored in your country, company or school.

  • Tumblr Savior -If you use Tumblr, download this.

  • LastPass -LastPass is a password manager and form filler.

  • YouTube Options for Google Chrome™ – Various options to configure YouTube like removing annotations and comments, or starting videos at your preferred resolution

  • StayFocusd – Limit the time you can spend on time-wasting websites

  • Tab Wrangler – Automatically close unused tabs

  • SmoothScroll – Add a smooth-scrolling effect, such as in Picasa

  • Smooth Gestures – Enable mouse gestures

  • Scrollbar Hide – Hide the scrollbar until you mouse over it

  • Readability – Reduce articles/pages to a clean, easy-to-read interface

  • Readability Redux – Not sure what the difference is between Readability and Readability Redux…I think Redux was just an unofficial version before the official was released for Chrome. Dunno why OP listed both

  • Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer – Automatically preview PDFs, powerpoints and other documents in Google Docs

  • Clock – Add an analog clock to the toolbar (displays time on mouseover)

  • Ads-free Grooveshark – Remove ads from Grooveshark

  • 1-ClickWeather for Chrome – View weather conditions conveniently in the browser

  • YouTube Stop Autoplay – Stops YouTube from autoplaying videos when opened, but allows them to buffer.

  • Better Facebook – A multitude of options for Facebook, like forcing the news feed to be chronological and reverting to the non-sidebar chat

  • AutoPager – Automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content

Best little known useful sites on the internet

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